Indiana Boat Ramps and Fishing Areas


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Last updated 10/17/2010

Raw file: Indiana Boat Ramps & FWAs.csv (85 KB)

Includes 751 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: IN, OH
  • some may be in: IL, KY, MI (near a border)

Boat ramps and Fish and Wildlife Areas taken from official Indiana Publications and personal observations. If the individual title of an entry does not contain the word "Ramp" (usually concrete)or "Access" (meaning carry-in access) then there is usually only parking. Coordinates are not always located exactly at the body of water being accessed. This is because in some instances I found that a GPS unit would sometimes take you to the wrong side of a narrow river or narrow cove or ask you turn right and go off-road from a given Interstate. Hardly acceptable! So I have tried to locate the coordinates as near to the body of water as I could and still have them located on a known road which a GPS can properly identify. I have not been able to verify all these locations in person, although I have visually verified their existence with Google Earth. It is therefore advisable (as always) to convert this file to a .kml file and load it in Google Earth so you can verify the individual destinations of interest which this file contains.