Adapter to unlock the Toyota (Sienna) & Lexus GPS unit to use it while driving


I have found a company in Calif. who sells the adapter to unlock the GPS units in Toyota SIenna and LExus so that the user can search poi, input addresses while driving. ALso this adapter will allow user to use the radion/music section without restriction (like searching for multiple folders, songs on ipod ect). Toyota puts in a vehicle in motion lock so that the driver can only use a very limited funtion of the unit while the car is in motion).

here is the website;

The product costs about 299 with about $50 of installation from a local car stereo shop. It makes the $3000 stereo/gps unit a more enjoyable unit to have.
very easy to install and to use. Just push a button on the attached mouse to disable the lock.

I have used this for about 3 months now, without a problem at all.

Thanks. I'm about to pull

Thanks. I'm about to pull the trigger on this for my Toyota Sienna.

Anything to make that unit "more enjoyable"!