Great but cheap hiking/geocaching model opinions please


Okay, I have been using my old quest for BOTH car navigation and moderate geocaching use but I just got a nuvi 350 and it isn't waterproof and has fewer off road features than the garmin quest. I need a nice but cheap handheld model for moderate hikes and mostly geocaching so I can leave my nuvi in the car and give my old quest to a friend. I don't need the handheld to have car navigation at all.

I am considering some of the older garmin models like the etrex legend and the etrex vista as both can be found new around 100 bucks so that fits into my budget.

Any thoughts? The unit will be used on marked paths and for geocaching. I have found that as we geocache more, we increasingly enjoy the ones in the woods instead of the many urban caches we have done here in the NYC area and the nuvi doesn't cut it although the quest almost did but not really. The nuvi and especially the quest were fine for urban caching but both lack in the woods!

SO, cheap and a bit more useful than the quest? Suggestions?

I don't plan on buying topo maps so a basemap included with major rivers and lakes etc... would be nice.

THANKS! I have researched for days and honestly they are all starting to bleed together!!!!!!

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which other units

Which other units are you considering, which features are important and not important - have you ruled certain units in/out of consideration? Lastly - are you looking for new or used or doesn't matter?

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eTrex Venture Cx or eTrex

eTrex Venture Cx or eTrex Legend Cx are great units. But if you can't swing that then the older Legend and Vistas will work well. I would go with the color screen if I were buying one. I have done some caching with my older Magellan Meridan and sometime the b&w screen is hard to see.


Thanks for the input. I went ahead and bought an older legend. It has more features than garmin details on the web page. Nice! Perfect for geocahing and basic hiking trips.

Garmin Legend, Quest, and Nuvi 350, currently Nuvi 855 (and my Palm Pre w/ Sprint Nav)