Scenic Railroads & Museums


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Last updated 12/19/2010

Raw file: Scenic Railroads.gpx (422.93 KB)

GPX file of 394 scenic tourist railroads and railroad museums in the US. Many have contact information, website addresses and email addresses. Some have model railroad exhibits.

Added Branson Scenic Railway. Information provided by spokybob.

11/24/10 Added 13 more railroads. Also added website and contact information for some.

11/28/10 Added two railroads museums. Changed title from "Scenic Railroads" to "Scenic Railroads & Museums"

11/30/10 Added three more locations thanks to input from POI Factory members.

11/30/10 Added 30 more locations.

12/02/10 Added 27 more locations.

12/03/10 Added 12 more locations.

12/04/10 Added 8 locations. Mostly in the northeast.

12/07/10 Added 17 locations.

12/08/10 Found some tourist railroads in Hawaii.

12/10/10 Added 6 more locations. It has been reported to me that someone was having trouble importing this file. Please let me know if this is an isolated incidence.

12/12/10 Added 16 locations.

12/14/10 Added 15 locations.

12/15/10 Added 28 locations.

12/16/10 Added 27 locations.

12/18/10 Added 44 locations.

12/19/10 Added 62 locations.

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