City Parks, Tucson, Az

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Last updated 09/15/2010

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This file contains all 134 listings from the City of Tucson, Az Parks & Recreation website:

These listings contain all of the city parks from the 173 acre Morris K Udall Park to Reid Park Zoo to the ruins of the abandoned Fort Lowell to city maintained shrines to small neighborhood “pocket” parks which can be as small as a few tenths of an acre.

The information contained in each location's listing describe the parks amenities, hours of operation and other items of interest. This information is taken directly from the City's website.

Each park and location is different in size and layout. For most of them I have used either the parking lot, or the entrance to the parking lot for the POI location, but for smaller parks where there is no lot to speak of I have chosen either center or the park, or a prominent feature of the park, such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, ramada or even the rest rooms. In a few instances I have used a location that are near or are the largest parking lots.

Please note that in the information section each listing I have included the “official” address for each park, if available, but if the parking lot entrance or chosen amenity is closer to or on another street, these two will not match.