AANR & TNS Clubs


Has anyone considered doing a POI of all AANR & TNS naturist/nudist clubs in the United states? We are members of AANR and would love to have this on our Garmin as we travel.

We have a couple of files

We have a couple of files located here: http://www.poi-factory.com/search/pfc/nudist

If you are using a website with the locations you will need to get their permission before making a file.

Miss POI

AANR & TNS Clubs

This would be a great asset - esp. given how off the beaten track some clubs and locations are! If you are helping with the leg work, I'm downloading! It is easier than carrying a World Guide or AANR guide book in the glove box. wink


YES, someone please list all of the AANR camps in the US. Nude beaches too!

I have been looking at

I have been looking at creating one personally for the last few years. An issue that comes to mind though is that some clubs do not have an address publicly published and you have to call to get it, I know they would rather not have the addresses published. sad

I want this too. pbear, it's

I want this too.
pbare, it's public info though right? Ask them and if they don't want to.. dont include them.

AANR Addition

Still hoping someone will, or is working on this. Even if it had only those clubs and affiliations that were willing to list their address and locations would be better than no listings at all.