Source of Food, Lodging, etc categories?


I don't mean to make anyone mad by saying that nivu 350 has kicked butt and found everything I asked it for. (It has only let me down once when I swerved to miss debris in the road and nuvi thought I was on a service road next to the interstate.)

So, I've been attempting to learn the source of the categories such as Food, Lodging, Fuel, etc.

Is this data just part of the data series of maps that came with the device? Does it do an active data search through some yellow-pages type search? Basically, is the data available in the device only or does it link up with some database?



Preloaded POIs

The preloaded POIs are generally from lists that Navteq (the company that does the maps & pois for Garmin) buys - and could be from Yellow Pages, Chambers of Commerce, and those kinds of sources, and they're all stored right there in the unit - it's really just a bunch of text, and that does not take up a whole lot of room.

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I wonder how much the

I wonder how much the internal POIs do take. Like you said, POIs don't take a lot of space, but the internal has a pretty big db of places.

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You can also add extensive lodging and travel-related POI's by purchasing the Fodor's SD card that downloads into your unit.

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As A Comparison

One can buy the Verizon version of the Bronx NY White & Yellow Pages on 2 CD Roms.

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