Contributors of the Week 2010-04-26


This week we are recognizing CraigW.

CraigW is always looking for previous posts to help new members find the info that will help them out. It is a pleasure to have nice people like this in our community.

Thank you so much for all the guidance you provide to the new lost members. You are awesome.

Miss POI

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Good job CraigW.Keep up the

Good job CraigW.Keep up the good work.We appreciate it.

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Helping Hand

That's what we need here is helping hands. Way to go. smile

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Way to go Craig

Way to go Craig

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Congrats CraigW!

Job well-done! smile


Your help is appreciated.


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I think I'm in the top 10. Everyon have a great week

My Mistake

spectrum44 wrote:

I think I'm in the top 10. Everyon have a great week

I knew it couldn't be true:) I posted in the wrong area, sorry about that

Recognizing CraigW.

Thanks and congrats on the award.Keep up the great work. grin

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Thanks for all the effort you provide. It really is a boon for us neophytes.



Congrats CraigW. Keep up the good works

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Two thumbs up!

Good job!

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What a nice surprise

Thanks. What a nice surprise coming home from a hike in Sycamore Canyon, where bad nuvi tried sending my Subaru Forester on some gawdwaful Forest Roads to get to my hiking trailhead. I think I better reinstate the gravel road avoidance! Luckily, I knew where I better not go, so Karen had a couple of "recalculatings" for my trip.

Thanks, Miss POI, and everyone else for all that you do for the web site!

Good work Craig. Thank you

Good work Craig. Thank you and congrats!

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Thank your contribution CraigW.

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Thank You Craig,

For all your great help and time that you give.

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About time


It's about time you were recognized for your helpful work here. Keep it up!

Oh, and moo!

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Thank you!

Keep up the great work!

Thank You CragW!!!

Thank You CragW!!!

Your work

Your work not only helps out the ones you are talking to but I have looked for information and you have put it on the factory.
Thanks for all your help!! grin

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Thank you for the hard work and dedication for this site!


Congrats for a job well done and thank you. smile

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And a big thank you!

Congrats and Thank you

Thank you.

Contributors of the Week

Way to go CraigW.

Congrats! Thanks for your

Congrats! Thanks for your hard work


Nice job Craig


Thanks for being a hard working Community member.

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congrats to

CraigW.great job, keep up the good work. wink

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Hey CraigW,
Thanks for all your efforts to make this a GREAT SITE!

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Congratulations, CraigW! Keep up the good work!


Thanks for being just one of the many wonderful people on this great site that helps others!!

Thanks for all your time hard work.

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Nice work CraigW...

The POI Factory depends on users just like yourself to be what it is...helpful and informative.


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from all of us....

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