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I did a quick search but didn't find a thread on this so my apologies if it's been mentioned already.

Google maps now has a feature which allows you to see the lat/long as you move your cursor over the map. To enable it, click on the green beaker on the top right of the google maps screen. The Google Maps Lab page will open showing beta features. Scroll down and you will see two lat/long features. LatLng Tooltip shows you the coordinates as you scroll around the screen. LatLng Marker allows you to right-click and mark the lat/long of a location. Useful if you want to create multiple POI.


Thanks for the info, going to give it a try

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I found out about this new

I found out about this new feature in Feb 2010 when I was on vacation in Asia. Google maps does a much better job searching for addresses or POIs (eg: restaurants) compared to Garmin GPS. So I did my search on Google maps. Then I use the coordinates to tell my Nuvi to take me there.

Google maps had this feature long ago but wasn't easy to use. I remember that I had to sign in to my google (mail) account then go to Google maps and click "My Maps". I then manually add an add-on called "Position Finder" after which I can use it to drop a Lat/Lon marker. Very complicated.

Now I won't have to worry about that. This new feature takes care of it. We don't even have to sign in to use it. Awesome!

Great Info

I checked this out and I think it will be easier to use for POI file creation than Google Earth????


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