Surprise ! in Surprise, AZ


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i would say...

Looking at what is going around country lately I would rather say: What took them so long? wink
After all, there is so many examples from other places how to make Police into money making institution. Like for example Virginia:

"...A federally funded ticketing blitz in the state of Virginia landed a total of 6996 traffic tickets this weekend. The blitz, dubbed "Operation Air, Land and Speed" coincided with frantic efforts by state officials to close a$2.2 billion budget deficit. Supervisors ordered state troopers to saturate Interstates 81 and 95 to issue as many tickets as humanly possible over the space of two days..."

Tourism is an import part of

Tourism is an import part of any state's economy and I would think "actions" such as this would tend to discourage visitors from spending any time in Virginia. This is what is known as a "Short Term Gain, Long Term Loss"


New cameras are going up all over Arizona. I'm seeing more mobile cameras in my area, as well.