feedback on options for iPhone use?



I'm not familiar with the Tom Tom line, but I understand they have an external antenna / dock model for the iPhone ?

User experiences appreciated on using this for general navigation. Thanks!

iphone/ipod touch GPS

I saw this too. The ipod touch version is $99 at the Apple Store and I assume it includes the TOMTOM software, and maps. The bracket seems nicely made and allows you to use the Ipod Touch as a GPS in a car, possibly on a motorbike or boat or maybe even a bicycle. It looks neat and for someone without a portable GPS, it could be a good option. I'd love to hear what folks think of it too. I have enough GPS units, so I don't really need to turn my Touch into one, though a decent Touch bracket and 12v charger system is close to $99.

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I hear you

I'm kind of hoping someone will come up with a decent Android version of this.

I ended up with one of those last week, just due to the open availability of both the applications, as well as the battery compartment wink

Just put version 1.4.1 on to

Just put version 1.4.1 on to my iPhone last night. Seems to work fine and on target with my nuvi 255w.

I don't know about the dock, seems pricey.

As it appears to work great, I'm going to give my nuvi to my wife.

Google and Bing

Both Google and Bing have turn by turn navigation programs out now and they are free!

Require separate hardware/software.

For iPhone user you don't need the mount hardware from TomTom/Magellan to use the navigation software.

The mount from TomTom/Magellan does have GPS sensor built-in, work both for iphone and ipod touch. The hardware package price not include software (apps).

You can just buy any apps: TomTom, Magellan, Navigon, nDrive from itunes store for using on your iPhone without using the mount/dock.

which one

For the iphone does the TomTom outshine the Navigon app? Have a Nuvi and will find it hard to give that up entirely. Hopefully one of the gps phone apps will make that easy.

Not Sure This is an Either/Or Situation

I have used Google Maps on a Blackberry and Sprint Navigation on an LG Rumor Touch. They are handy to have in a pinch and readily available since I use them as a phone. The *GPS on a phone* certainly has improved over the years.

However, I still prefer my GO930 for use on a trip. It has a larger viewing area (although that is close to being challenged by the latest cell phones). It also has more options on what can be displayed and offers more features (like speed limits).

So, for the time being, I like having both.

Actually, I have a third, my trusty GPSmap 60CS that I use for my field work. It's old, slow and doesn't have the latest bells and whistles, but it still does what I want it to do and it is very sturdy. Sometimes I wish it would break to give me an excuse to upgrade, but it keeps tickin' and hummin' along. wink

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pardon my confusion - why

pardon my confusion - why would you want/use this? Doesnt the iPhones GPS work ok?

I love my blackberry, and love my garmins, just not sure why I would need one docked on the other..


If you like your Nuvi I would wait a few months. Garmin has realized they messed up with the Nuviphone it never stood a chance against iPhone or Droid. The demise of the Nuviphone will lead to a iPhone/Android app and docking station along the lines of what Tom Tom and Navigon offer now.