the new radar detector


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Just an observation. I think the GPSs will be the new radar detectors as far as theft is concerned. Being past middle age, I remember when radar detectors became the "Big accessory". I also remember how the thieves started breaking windows all over the place. The popularity decreased. Speaking for myself, I stopped using one when mine was stolen. I'm wondering if the GPS fad will hold or if the thieves will stifle this as well. It will be interesting to see.

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the new radar detector

I think they have become one of the number one items to steal now. But with the new tech they are using in radar detectors you may see a come back in them. Here is a link to a new one. I would by a new gps before paying 499.00 for a detector.

johnm405 660 & MSS&T

Remember to use

the keypad lock on your unit. It will at least frustrate the thief trying 4 digit code entries.

260, 295W, 1490T,2455LMT

You would think that with

You would think that with the GPS's getting less expensive, they would become less of a target. I would think there's not much black market money in a $99 GPS, but, then, my car window was smashed for $.40 in change in the console money holder.

I guess I should be happy I don't get thieves.


the new passport radar 9500i

the new passport radar 9500i has integrated pois so that you can key in false alarms, speed cameras and redlight cameras.

Thieves steal just about anything. my brother's car was broken into and they grabbed his duffel bag full of dirty gym clothes. I bet they could sure use some sweaty jockstraps. =)

Leave my window alone

Personally, I am not so concerned about the loss of a GPS, as I am with getting my window broken. If the windshield is broken because a theif imagines I have a GPS, not only is there more cost involved, but I am stuck until it gets replaced.

I have therefore hidden every trace of owing a GPS.
Not only do I hide the GPS in my trunk, but I remove the power cord and even close the lid on the power socket on car's dash. I don't use the suction cup mount but rather a friction, beanbag mount, which gets hidden with the GPS in the locked trunk.

Esp near Christmas time,

Esp near Christmas time, this is the hottest item in our area to do a smash and grab for. The news is always warning people of events yet people just don't take them from their window on every trip, every time.

That is the secret... I take

That is the secret... I take mine with me even if I am just going into the post office for a couple minutes. Hasn't been stolen yet smile

My car was ramsacked in my

My car was ramsacked in my drive way. I must have forgotten to lock it after unloading groceries.
Must have been kids because nothing was taken. Not even my CD-rs. My trunk has no key hole and there is a switch in the glove box to disable the trunk switch.
I am thinking of screwing a lock box to the floor of the trunk to keep my GPS in. Right now I take it out of the car all the time. Wondering how long the mini USB plug is going to last being plugged and unpluged all the time. I could replace the rocker switch in the glove box with a key switch.