Extra Warranty


I bought my Nuvi 680 at Best Buy for 999.00 and they have an extra warranty for 99.99 for 4 years coverage.........just wondering if anyone has had experience with warranties yet?............Dave

Extended Warranty

I generally pass up the purchase of extended warranties. These are a real money maker for the stores (they pay off much more to the store than the purchaser). Your original purchase provides a 1 year warranty and if you purchase it with a credit card that provides an additional 1 year warranty (at no charge), then you have two years. By that time, your unit will probably be out of date and ready for replacement anyway.

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Good Luck

My experience with Best Buy's Extended Warranty on my TV was absolutely terrible; both for me and the local shops they used to do the repairs. So far my Garmin warranty has been good. I hope that's all you need.


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Extended Warranty

I agree with mkahn. After 1 or 2 years, you should know if your unit is a dud or not. The only purchase I would consider getting an extended warranty on is a big-screen plasma/lcd tv. Otherwise, I think you're wasting money.

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I normally don't buy them

I normally don't buy them either but this one is supposed to cover damage from heat. Not that I would leave it in the car on purpose but on the off chance I left it there in the summer and the screen went out. Mine was a little cheaper though I think. I will try to look and comment back, though I am in jury duty and I may get brain freeze once I am done.

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