What Does a GPS Display When You Travel Beyond Mapping Coverage?


Would it just display a blue screen, does a message pop up, does it simply revert to displaying coordinates? I have never traveled beyond my GPS maps coverage, so I am just curious.

Nuvi Needs Detail Maps

On my nuvi, I have California, Oregon, Canada and Mexico on my SD card. So to test this, I pulled the card and attempted to drive to Los Angeles, starting from the Arizona border. I couldn't. It refused to pull up Los Angeles at all.

Setting a trip to Seattle from the same point resulted in the nuvi ignoring Calfornia and Oregon completely and taking me through Nevada and Idaho to get to Washington.

So, in answer to your question, if the only map detail is the basemap, the nuvi ignores the base map in its calculations. This is not wholly unexpected, because you can't use a GPS with just a base map. The GPS will complain.

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You can test this yourself. Just go into the settings and turn off the detailed map. The gps will then revert to the nonroutable base map.

The following message>>>

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If you can't map it...then

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Perhaps you could just put

Perhaps you could just put your GPS in simulation mode and set your coordinates outside your map area with "set location". This may give you what you want.

Tight lines

New info

I have a 265WT. I zoomed out until I could see all of North America. I then dragged the screen until I was in the area of Germany. I zoomed in and there were roads and cities showing. Apparently there is a base map that covers the entire world.

Tight lines

255W route using base map

Using my 255W, I set the unit to simulate mode, put in coordinates for London England, set new location to those coordinates, looked for “nearby cities” and picked Canvey, then did a simulated drive to that city. (My detail map is CN North America NT 2010.30)

So apparently one can create and use an internal route using the base map on the 255W

Not quite the "blue screen of death"

Took my Nuvi 200W to Vancouver (no Canada map coverage) and it simply showed the blue screen. However, I still liked having it as I figured that if something happened, just having the LAT/LON to report to emergency services was better than nothing.

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