HelloI know how to upload custom POI's TO the garmin unit using poi loader but is there software anywhere that will enable me to download the CUSTOM poi's FROM the gps to the pc please?


No. It's not possible to send Custom POIs from the GPS unit to a computer.

You could manually copy the POI.GPI file from the unit (depending upon the unit) and then use software such as GPSBabel to decompile the file.

But that's the closest you could get.


sorry forgot about this one
When you say get the file from the gps, could you pls tell me how this is done?
I have downloadd gpsbabel
fanx a lot

MapSource by Garmin

You cannot download with a tool Custom POI's BUT you can download all of your favorites that you marked within Garmin, and also download all the driving routes that were tracked in Eco.

You can also map out a route and up load it with that tool.

Garmin 3597 LMTHD