POI shows up on map, but not in searches?


Hi, smile I was wondering if anyone can help me? I'm trying to create a new POI file for Chapters-Indigo bookstore locations in Canada, but am having abit of trouble.

I've entered a couple of Chapters locations in notepad to test things out and then uploaded it to my Garmin 255w. Here's the thing. When I type up the address for the locations (IE type in postal code then street number), I can see it on the map along with the icon I made for it and everything is working fine. BUT when I go through searching POIs and enter "Chapters" in the search, I can't find those two locations. Only the locations that were pre-installed are coming up it seems.

The format I'm using is:

-79.381985,43.656872,"Chapters","20 Edward Street, Toronto,ON, M5G 1C, 416-977-7009"

which seems to be correct, but again when I try searching for it, it won't come up. Am I doing something wrong?

two databases

Custom POI are located under Where To --> Extras --> Custom POI. This is a separate database from the Garmin supplied POI and has to be searched independently.

Look through the FAQs here and more answers will be provided to help you develop your custom POI files.

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