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Red Light Cameras


Update on Metairie, LA traffic cameras.

Jefferson Parish's stop-light camera program, which has generated millions of dollars for public services while proving to be a nemesis for thousands of drivers, halted Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at 3 p.m. on orders from the Parish Council.

The council approved a resolution to suspend the program amid disclosures that the contractor, Redflex Traffic Systems of Phoenix, Ariz., plans to direct about 3.2 percent of its share of the traffic fines to a lobbyist and former New Orleans City Council member who helped Redflex get the contract.

Redflex won the contract in 2006. Since then, automated cameras have been installed at 11 intersections to issue tickets that have generated almost $20 million in fines, revenue to be split among Redflex and various local government agencies.

Is there a Link to this info..?

Not that I doubt what you're saying but.. "Is there a Link to this info..?"


I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!

Bad Dog

Nuvi1300WTGPS wrote:

Not that I doubt what you're saying but.. "Is there a Link to this info..?"

OldDog neglected to provide attribution for the story (bad dog) but it's in the "Times-Picayune" here:

Cheers wink

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Bad Dog

An omission I shall not repeat. Thanks for filling in the blank for me Gadgetjq.


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