Just orderd a TT 740 Live


Any tips or tricks? Anyone else own one if so what do you think of it? Any comments welcome good or bad. Also for POI sounds would i use WAV or MP3? Thanks

Please keep us informed of

Please keep us informed of if you like it or not!

THe yearly service charges are high

Didn't realize that the live services cost $150 per year when I bought mine. I went back to Garmin.

Wow that is steep

Will have to see how much i use them to see if it is worth paying that much.sad I get three months free so time will tell. They say i will have it by the 25th. Thanks for the heads up smile

Received my Tom-Tom 740 Live

Well i got my Tom-Tom 740 Live today.
First off it has a slightly larger screen than my Garmin 205w. The screens are just as bright and the window mount is so much stronger than what Garmin uses. Now the Garmin holds 1000 Favorites and i found out the Tom-Tom holds only 48 (mine will only holds 41) But the big deal breaker is the MAPS Garmin rules in this area. The Tom-Tom maps are toy like not much detail in 2D or 3D The traffic and "LIVE" services are nice but i can never see myself paying 9.95 a month for them. The controls are ok at best. You need to wade through way to many menus and submenus to do things. The Garmin interface is so simple a caveman could do it.-LOL Well i think it is going back and i will be getting a newer Garmin

THAT was a fast decision, and a smart one at that!!!

That certainly did not take too long...

However, the 740 Live is one of their better units. smile

From the 4 models I presently own, the Garmin outperforms them all. Surprisingly the LG is my second favorite. Too bad their CS and lack of upgrades fell very short.

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TT 720

I'll keep my GO720.