Nuvi 680 to Nuvi 780


I'm about to get a replacement Nuvi 780 for my Nuvi 680 from a Tiger Direct.

Question: Can I transfer the data, (favorites, icons, sounds and all other data) to my new Nuvi 780 when I get it?



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Seriously, though

Having provided my previous witty reply, I suppose it would be more helpful to actually describe the mechanism, rather than just tritely answering the question you posed mrgreen :

First of all, why are you getting a 780? Would a 760 be less expensive?

I ask because the only real difference between the 760 and 780 is that the latter comes with an MSN Direct receiver and the former, a traffic receiver. The MSN Direct receiver that ships with the 780 comes with only a 90 day trial subscription where the one that comes with the 680 operates for a year.

On Jan 1, 2012 the MSN direct service from Microsoft is going to drop dead and in any case the existing MSN Direct subscription in the receiver/power cable that came with the 680 will work just fine with, say a 760. Buying a 760 provides you with a traffic receiver you can use once your GDB-50 stops working . . .

To transfer waypoints from the 680 to your new navigator involves plugging the old unit into your computer, receiving (transferring) the waypoints into the computer from the navigator using Mapsource, disconnecting the old unit and connecting the new, then sending those waypoints to the new one.

Custom POIs and sounds will generally need to be resent from your computer to the new navigator.

It is possible to copy the relevant files from the old unit to the new using Windows Explorer, if you know the respective file names . . . but using the POI manager to deal with the data shouldn't be a hardship. You did it once before.


Currently have: SP3, GPSMAP 276c, Nuvi 760T, Nuvi 3790LMT, Zumo 660T


I didn't realize that MSN was being dropped, thanks for that input. Am planning on getting my college son a unit for Christmas and this will definitely be a factor. In our area the traffic feature is VERY handy.

Nuvi 680 to Nuvi 780

The 780 is a replacement for the 780 under warranty from a third party warranty company. I was hoping to be able to save all of my POI's, address and such, so I would not have to re-input all that data.

I am aware of the 2012 date and MSN, but they would only offer a unit with the same features as the 680. I tried for a 775T or a 785T. No dice sad

So I should just upload all of the data from the 680 using the Mapsource and then transfer it down to the 780. It won't cause any problem, or see it as a second GPS and tell me I can't add the data to the new one?

Let me know what you think

Thanks for the input. No pun intended! smile


All of your favorites will simply load up and can be back out - for THAT, Mapsource itself doesn't care.

You can also load whatever mapping comes with your new unit into Mapsource - you may even qualify for a map update to 2010.30, depending on whether Garmin thinks the 780 is new or refurb . . .

Currently have: SP3, GPSMAP 276c, Nuvi 760T, Nuvi 3790LMT, Zumo 660T

Hey, thanks for the info, it

Hey, thanks for the info, it worked out great. It made the transferring of the data so much easier.


Same here

I'll add my own thanks, this worked for me as well. Appreciate the info!