Override the "Acquiring Satellite" delay?


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On the c320, I usually have the ability to toggle between the birds-eye and the text mode. This is done by pressing the green tab on the top of the screen (in birds-eye mode) where the next direction is listed. However, I've hit spots which kill my satellite reception, show the "acquiring satellite" display and in a way, "freeze" my unit (not able to switch to text mode as usual). I've actually missed turns because of the delay. Besides for starting/remaining in text mode, does anybody know a way to get to the text mode (or at least see the next couple of turns)during this "acquiring satellite" delay?

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Sorry, but that has never

Sorry, but that has never happened to me.

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c320 dead reckoning

I think that I picked up somewhere that the c320 had "dead reckoning" which is where it assumes your speed and direction have remained the same if it loses the satellite signal. Does the voice still give accurate instructions even during signal loss?

ps... my c320 is mounted in a bad place and gets great satellite reception.

Thank you for your comments.

Thank you for your comments. I've not been able to hear the voice instructions during this period (perhaps the volume is too low vs unavailable?). It can be quite frustrating, especially when the route contains a lot of turns/redirection. As I'm usually in birds-eye mode, I'm not even sure if the text mode is unaffected by the "acquiring satellite" delay. I guess I will have to use text mode when satellite reception is questionable (e.g. downtown, wooded areas, etc) and see if that helps the situation.

or get a c5xx and not loose

or get a c5xx and not loose signal! They have the new chipset and I can get signal in my house/work just fine. Sell yours on ebay and pick up a c530 for less then $300.

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I wonder if you figured out

I wonder if you figured out if it still gives voice directions when the satellites are unlocked?

I also got to thinking that an external antenna might help, they are all over Ebay.

Follow up

On my way towards Oakland (from SF) I chose the text direction mode and had a good overview of the directions. The "acquiring satellite" prompt came on shortly after my entrance to the bay bridge and automatically sent me to the map mode. I was unable to re-view the text mode for future directions, the screen was frozen on the map mode (with the confused little triangle) until I exited the bridge. I was unable to pull up any screen functions (e.g. menu, settings, etc) during this time. I even tried to turn it off/on to see if I could get back to text mode, didn't work...good thing I didn't get into an accident while messing with the Garmin, right lsmonop ;P

I did not have to turn during the "acquiring satellite" delay, so I don't know if the voice directions are still available during this time. I'm not sure if this is a problem with advanced models like the c5xx series or even the Nuvi's. It may be worth the extra $ to stay away from this headache...or perhaps print out maps before the trip (just in case), but what's the sense in a GPS if you always have to print out maps?

I think once unit is

I think once unit is acquiring signal, nothing should work e.g. text, voice etc. I am sure c5xx or Nuvi series will perform better. I have C330 but have not tried it in downtown yet.

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Yeps! These little

Yeps! These little "Jack/Jill" toys should work like our cellfone homies. No signal ? No text and no voice messages. I think there should be a "handshake" between two electronic devices for them to work as they should.

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Thanks for the links, but...they link to the same page. Do you have a second link with more info? Thanks again.


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