Looking outside the US to Canada today...


Yes it is time to expand our horizons to Canada, I have seen a lot of new registered users on the list from Canada and thought it was about time we got some Red light camera data for them too. I should have this file up by the end of the week.

Miss Poi

Going to try to get up to

Going to try to get up to Nigeria Falls next Summer on the Canadian Side. My wife and myself have been wanting to get up there since we were kids.But raising our eight sons we never got the time. Last one just got married so we have all the time in the world (I Hope).Any Redlight poi,s would be great.



British Columbia

I'm heading up to the Vancouver/Victoria region next summer, and I'm already starting to work on what I want to see, and will create some POI's when I figure it out. So, maybe this will be another project to share too!


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX

I am tired

Well I have been plugging away all day and have captured a lot of red light cameras for Canada.
It was difficult to find some of the intersections because they don't put the st,nd,rd,th, at the end of their number roads and Google does not recognize them without it.

I actually spent quite a long time just finding the intersections. My head hurts now so I am calling it a night.

Miss Poi

thanks JM

Thanks JM for getting those cameras up. It looks like we now need a map of Canada above the US.
Miss Poi