Garmin Nuvi 760 with a fading battery


I've had a Garmin Nuvi 760 for about 16 months and the battery no longer holds a charge. Garmin will replace the gps unit for $99. This is a real disappointment, as it makes the cost of operating the unit ridiculous. I've seen videos on self serve battery replacement, but the battery numbers don't match. The Nuvi 760 uses 361-00019-12 and several on-line retailers offer 361-00019-11 as a compatible replacement, but I don't trust this. Of course the -12 is nowhere to be found online for sale. Has anyone replaced their battery? What did you use and is it still working?

760 Battery Replacement

I replaced the battery in my 760 over a month ago, it wasn't the original part number (battery). I bought one online (about $23.00) I followed the directions (there is a video on utube) it took about 10 min to replace the battery. The 760 is working great now

I'll assume it was the -11

laugh out loud I'll assume it was the -11 battery with the three wires. Thanks for your quick response and I'm glad it worked for you...

Battery Failure


I'd try calling Garmin back again.... battery failure after only 16 months is unacceptable.

I "may" accept such a failure after 2-3 years, but 16 months is absurd.

And to want to charge you $99 is crazy.

Try calling again and you may get a decent Cust. Svc rep who will offer to replace the battery or swap your unit out for a refurb for free.

It's worth a try.....

You could try

I agree you should try Garmin again but if that fails you could use the following service and have a new battery installed for about $40.00 plus the price of shipping it to them:

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Nuvi 650 battery fade

I am having the same problem on my Nuvi 650. It is only 2 years old and doesn't hold a charge.


The battery life expectancy on automotive GPS units is usually lower than usual for the following reasons:

1. The units are usually left in the vehicle, many times in the cradle on the dash which can get very hot in summer months. Batteries do not like extreme heat and it can severely diminish their performance and life. Heat is the biggest factor in premature battery failure.

2. The battery does not get used very frequently if it's always being powered by the vehicle. Batteries perform better if used periodically, such as once a month or so...move those electrons once in a while. The battery's main function is to be used...not to sit in a device in scorching heat and never be used. Then, when you really need it, the battery lasts for only a short time.

3. The battery's performance will degrade over time anyways, regardless of use/non-use.

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Try the firmware upgrade

My buddy had a similar problem with his 760. After installing v4.9 yesterday the problem of dying battery has COMPLETELY disappeared.

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