Import Outlook Contacts??? Can it be done.....


I'm using Extra POI and I want to import all of my Outlook contacts (or more specifically merge my contacts with my with my existing GPX file) and can't seem to figure out if and how it can be done. I realize I need to:

1. Export my contacts as CSV I presume.
2. Setup the CSV (xls) in the correct format for my Garmin to read (i.e. set proper column order, etc...)
3. Convert CSV to GPX
4. Now I want to MERGE with existing GPX file.

I have several hundred contacts and would prefer not to have to manually enter either via Extra POI or via my Nuvi 360 so any assistance would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

Nuvi 360


Have you read the merge posts in the EPE topic? The program and its merge function are discussed here:


This is what the program's Help file says about the merge function:

Merge Open

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + M

1. Opens a window to select the file you wish to open and merge into an already opened file.

2. Several files can merged together with repetitive use of Merge Open

3. Over 32,767 POIs can be loaded at the same time without experiencing problems.

4.Use files with a larger number of POIs with moderation. The upper limit is 2,147,483,648, however, this amount becomes a bit long to load or sort and is not fully tested.

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Here's a prior thread outlining the steps to export your outlook contacts.

Once you've exported your contacts you can use GeePeeEx Editor ($) or Extra_POI_Editor (free) to create/merge the POI file.