Hi, garmin freak.
I own alot of garmins, get them with corrupted software for cheap and reload the software.

I do have one question though, will these POI's work with handhelds? Ive swapped software( city nav for topo and also for water but never any POI's to the handheld. My car units are loaded with POI's and works fine.

Would depend on the model, a

Would depend on the model, a buddy of mine had a hand held and I know he loaded POIs on it.

Could you give us some of the model numbers of the devices your wondering about.

edit: example the GPS 60 clearly supports them

GPS 60 has one megabyte (MB) of internal memory for storing points of interest, and it comes factory preloaded with a worldwide city point database

Ability to add maps: accepts points of interest data


That's actually incorrect.

Points of Interest it that context refers to Points of Interest that are embedded in the map data. And not to CUSTOM POIs.

For the most part, the Garmin eTrex and GPSMAP handheld units with the "x" designation (meaning that they accept an SD/microSD card) can accept Custom POIs.

One exception is (I believe) the eTrex Legend HC. Even though it doesn't have a card, a firmware update allowed it to also accept Custom POIs.

In addition, the Oregon and Colorado and Dakota series can load Custom POIs.