beware of rain water


with all the deluge of water collecting on the road like we had here in Atlanta, you should opt to stay vigilant - i was NOT
i drove to work on Monday at 6:00Am (still dark), and just before my office the road was 3ft deep of water and never saw this accumulation, until it was too late. My Maxima went right into it (as well as other 4 cars) - stalled and that's it!!! water rushed in to the car and thru the air filter. I finally got rescued, but the damage was done. the insurance totaled my car & 4 days later am taking delivery of a "certified pre-owned" 9000mile Accura TL [i lucked out with the insurance company- Progressive handled the case the next day]
Now to find a spot for my Nuvi 760 on the Accura.

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Water on the Road

I heard that the rain waters in Atlanta were really bad. We have had lots of rain and there are some flooded roads near creeks. At least Atlanta is getting rain as compared to this time last year. Hopefully this will help with the water shortage that the Atlanta area experienced in the Summer of 2008.

Water and Cars Don't Mix

I had a similar experience back in the late 60’s. I came upon a low area with water and didn’t realize how deep it was and was probably going too fast. Water rushed into the engine compartment and was sucked in into the engine through the carburetor (1966 Pontiac Catalina). The engine froze. Luckily I wasn’t far from a friend’s house. After walking there and gathering some tools, we returned to the stalled car. We removed the spark plugs, turned the engine over causing water to gush out of the cylinders. We put the spark plugs back in and I prayed no real damage had been done. Luckily it started with no real damage. Ever since I have been real cautious of water on the road.

Unfortunately some folks in the Atlanta area lost their lives while trying to drive through rushing water across the roadway. Be careful. It doesn’t take much water to lift a car and carry it downstream.

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Be careful

Glad that you're alright

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They may not be the cheapest, But a couple of insurance agents have told me that hands-down, Progressive is the best car insurance company when it comes to handling claims - second to none.

Sounds like you had a good experience with them.

Just be more careful next time. Stay safe out there.

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Last year

Last year Georgia was trying to steal land from Tennessee, let me remember a land grab over a river and a dam. Now maybe they will back off!

Why on God's earth did people build city's where resources are scarce or in danger, I'll never know?

I do know ths I live in a area in the United states where we have all the fresh water we want, and going to give any to anyone, if they want it move here and manufacture here.

Meanwhile this should quite the screams for water in Hotlanta. For a little while anyway.

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