Mio Movv 300 Voices and Languages gone


Hi there,

I installed MioMore Desktop 2008.
when I do the VOICE TRANSFER for my preferred language, it asks me the DVD that came with it. Looks like I lost my dvd. I checked on MIO Site to download & burn it again, they don,t have it.

Any idea to fix this problem to get back the voices?

On my MIO moov 300,

Main Menu > Preferences >Language >

No Voices available

No Languages available.

Is there a way I can put them manually on the MIO Flash Disk ( copy & paste to proper location folder on MIO ) without using MIO Desktop Software?

Here is my Map info.
Mio Moov 300
Miomap 2008
Mapcore: T-core-v1_32_0043 2008/10/28-12:42:14

Cobia 400 V1.00.0019

If someone who has same model like mine can help me to send those TTS Voices and Languages (US Englsih both Male & Female voices TTS) via Email? It would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Street Pilot C340, nuvi 265WT, Mio Moov 300, nuvi 255W, Navigon 2100 (Retired)