2010 Kansas Walk In Hunting Areas (WIHA)


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Last updated 10/11/2010

Raw file: 2010 KS WIHA.csv (88.65 KB)

Includes 3112 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: KS, NE
  • some may be in: CO, MO, OK (near a border)

1 unusable record(s)

The 2011 Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Walk-In Hunting Areas (WIHA) have been posted at:

**PLEASE NOTE!! If you have previously downloaded the 2010 waypoints, please delete them, as some, many, all of them may be out of date and invalid!***

KDWPT has updated their method of posting the locations of these tracts, and are no longer posting them as waypoints. Detailed instructions for loading as transparent overlays to Garmin GPSes are posted on the website. I'll try to see if they will send the waypoints as before, but expect that the new and improved method (for Garmins anyway) will prevail. Oh well, it was fun putting these together for everyone, hope they worked for you. Again, i have not cross-checked any of the 2010 waypoints against the 2011 files, and only the 2011 files should be considered as valid. Please ignore the attached 2010 .CSV file.

Change History

  • JBnW - Oct 11, 2010
    Oct.11, 2010: Uploaded 2010 file.