Hello "ALL"
Anyone know if you can change font size in POI LOADER ??

I'm changing my format on my Paintball downloads, to show Name, City, and Phone Number.
Problem is that some of the info is to long, and gets get off.
Anyone know of a way to change the font size, so It will hold more info ??

I use the C330


text size / recommendations

I don't think you can change the text size in POI loader. Some Garmin models (like 2720) have a Text Size setting, but I haven't run any tests to see if it works with custom POI text. The setting is located in the menu under Settings > Map > Text-Size.

A couple months back, I did some trials with my i2 to see what field lengths worked best. Here are the recommendations I came up with:

POI Name - Use a single line and try to keep under 30 characters (mixed case)

POI Description - Use mixed case. For a single line, keep under 80 characters. For multiple lines, keep under about 30 characters (2 or 3 lines max)

POI loader will accept longer data fields, but there's a good chance the info won't fit on some Garmin models.


i add the name with comma

i add the name with comma and quotation marks. is that how u add both discription and phone no? or is there a special procedure.

is there a special procedure

is there a special procedure

phone number

CSV files can have either 3 or 4 fields. I like to keep the name (3rd field) short, so I generally add phone in the description (4th field).

A comma works okay to separate the phone number from other description text, but you might want to try putting it on a separate line instead. Just make sure to use a pair of quotation marks around the entire description field.

There's some good examples of multi line descriptions on this page:

Garmin CSV format


thnak you. this is what i

thnak you. this is what i needed