Another use for GPS


Heard this on the news this morning and had to post it. What won't the gps world think of next.

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I hope you know that...

This is a hoax!!

here is a copy and paste from the site, if you look around..

" Forget Me Not Panties is a hoax. The Panty Raiders (that's us) made this website in one night, and it cost us $18. "

Nothing is ever what it seems!!

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Gr88 Idea

It would be a gr88 idea maybe someone will create something like this

April fool had pass so maybe next year...


Another use for gps

Wow is this great. I'm always losing my shorts. lol

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Funny, I tried to put my

Funny, I tried to put my eTrex in my wives panties and she noticed it. Must have been the size. smile

This would be great!!!!!

Now I would be able to find out where I left my panties!

Whether I would want to go back and get them or not, might be a different question! smile

...hmmmmm...maybe it's not

...hmmmmm...maybe it's not such a far fetched idea!!!!!!!!

Better for socks

If it was waterproof and installed in socks it could eliminate the "lost sock" problem! Maybe all of the socks that disappear into the "dryer black hole" could be found!

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Do they need to be in

Do they need to be in line-of-sight of the satellites? That can make for an interesting situation!

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