Third time lucky


I just recently purchased a GPS but it too three tries before I got one that worked properly. The first unit was called a V7. I bought it from Futureshop here in Canada and it was on sale. It offered GPS as well as MP3 and Mpeg4 playback. It was thin and mounted easily. Problem was the clock kept resetting and the nav window would not come up unless you popped the ram card out and back into the unit. I took it back and refunded it. I would have got a replacement but I figured I would wait for a sale. A week later that same model came n sale so I tried again. Same problems!! I returned that one and ended up buying a Garmin C330 on sale. It works and does exactly what I need it to do.

Bob Woodcock

Robert Woodcock

I am glad that you like the

I am glad that you like the 330. It seems that Garmins are really good. I love my 530.

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