Wig Wam Village Motels

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Last updated 07/28/2009

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This POI file contains the locations of the last three remaining "Wig Wam" motels. The first one was built in Horse Cave, Kentucky in 1933 by Frank Redford. In 1936 he was awarded a patent on the design. Seven of these Wigwam Villages were constructed across the country between then and 1950. While not "politically correct", they provide a unique place to stay and offer a small insight into the past history of the early years of "road travel".

The file contains the locations of the three remaining locations:

Wigwam village #2 in Cave City, Kentucky, built in 1937
Wigwam village #6 in Holbrook, Arizona, built in 1950, is located on Historic Route 66
Wigwam village #7 in Rialto/San Bernardino, California, built in 1947-49, is located on Historic Route 66

In addition to these three a similarly themed, but unrelated motel, Tee Pee Motel in Wharton, Texas, is also included. This motel, originally built in 1942 was renovated in 2006.

The file includes the address, phone number and website url.

More about these motels can be found here: