Red-light Cameras Being Removed in Some Towns


Thought this was interesting.

"Critics say Schaumburg was more interested in collecting ticket money than improving safety"

Gee... did they just figure this out!

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Yep, just generated money interection were still unsafe.

I will be removing this

I will be removing this location for next week's update.

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Surprised they removed them. Must have been a lot of angry mall customers, and business owners pressuring the local officials. My town is still considering speed cameras. Hopefully they see the light before I see the flash.

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Removing the Cameras

Yes, I was surprised to read this since it seems like most towns (mine included) are falling over themselves to install them (for "safety" reasons), and most don't care what their residents think.

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Schaumburg saw "no improvements in safety" !

Schaumburg has called the whole thing off, citing no improvements in safety and a flood of angry-motorist grief, after red-light cameras at the village's lone picture-snapping intersection netted more than $1 million in tickets.
Full article link here:

And in another article in IL concerning RedSpeed, RedSpeed rejected Chicago suburb River Forest's request to have a two-tiered ticket fee structure, depending on the seriousnes of the violation.

redvino1963 wrote: Thought

redvino1963 wrote:

Thought this was interesting.

"Critics say Schaumburg was more interested in collecting ticket money than improving safety"

Gee... did they just figure this out!,0,7535797.story

I heard this news on WGN this morning


Someone started a petition here, and will turn it into the city tomorrow. They apparently verified all the registered voters on it themselves - now it will be turned in.

It should be on the Nov ballet, and maybe they will go away then...

The state changed the law - that no new ones can go up, but existing contracts can remain until they expire.

Right before that passed, our city did a 20 year extension.... That's rediculous...

They say it's all about safty?

It all about the money they bring in.
Let's see the towns foward the money collected to the state and out of the towns hands.
Then you will see these camera's disappear as fast as they are being installed / along with all the speed camera's being proposed.

I lived in Schaumburg

I lived in Schaumburg for a number of years and worked for Motorola in their corporate office for 5 years which is just a couple of blocks from this intersection. It's right next to one of the largest mall's I've been to. At Christmas, busses are packed in there for all the tourists who come to shop in this large, upscale mall. It is so busy, they have full-time police to handle parking and traffic flow there.

Out of any intersection in the Village, they picked one of the most heavily used ones to test the system. I'd say the 100% knew it was about cash and they hoped it would bring down violations and improve safety. I'll bet a number of those out of state tickets were never even served or messed with, so they probably threw out more than they collected from out of state visitors.

Why Jan Brewer has not realized this and done away with them in AZ is beyond me. I was disapointed with here from the start. She couldn't answer the question when anyone asked her about her opinion on them. All she said was...I'm going to have to look at both sides and get up-to-speed on this topic. This was prior to her accepting the office of Governor after our current one left for Washington. Now she still can't make a decision.

I wish this movement would hit Arizona and we would get rid of them here.

It's a start

I'm sure if some areas remove them, there will be others installing them. I'm sure they'll be coming here to Long Island soon.



Is about safety? No, is about generating money for the redlight companies

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My town had 6 or 7 RLCs

My town had 6 or 7 RLCs along one of the main commute streets. They only lasted a few months before they were removed. A few of the warning signs still exist but the cameras are gone.

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gwapaval wrote:

Is about safety? No, is about generating money for the redlight companies

don't forget the cities that install them as well!

Drive safely and don't worry about the camera's, also install the latest camera Files from here at the POI Factory and then if you get a ticket you have no one to blame but yourself.

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Interesting read. Man...

Interesting read. Man... the dreadful right turn on red... my buddy recently got ticketed for that in California and the ticket was over $400. I saw the video online and it really wasn't a big deal at all. He only did an extremely slow rolling stop.

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Did his vehicle have a

Did his vehicle have a relative velocity to the surface of the earth of 0? If not then he did not stop and deserves the ticket.

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