Contributors of the Week 2009-07-06


This week we are recognizing Plornch and Perrdom.

Plornch, You came to me and let me know that there were some problems with the Marshall's file. You took the time to make all the corrections and additions that were needed to update the file. You also took over the project since it had been abandoned. I really appreciate your assistance in this.

Perrdom, You have been busy updating your files and contributing in the forums. We have become good friends over the last year and 45 weeks since you first joined. I feel like an extended member of your family. I have rejoiced when your wife is doing well and I have been worried and thinking of you both at times when things were shaky.

I didn't realize that creating a community like this would bring people into my life that I would love and care about so much.

My career here is so fulfilling, you all add so much joy to my life. I just wanted you all to know what you mean to me.

Miss POI

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Great job Plornch and

Great job Plornch and Perrdom.Members like you help make the site what it is today.

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Thanks for the kind words, and the recognition.

Thanks Miss POI,

This place does feel like family.

The last 6 weeks or so (The ONLY ones that I missed over the year plus that I have been a member. I do not post a lot since you have some "extra-fast-on-keyboard" members that get to the questions before I do. smile . I am proud of my POI files and thrive to keep them up-to-date.

These last few weeks have been very trying with my mother passing away so suddenly and my wife having medical conditions of her own.

As it stands, we don't know what will happen next. Her brain operation went well and the tumor was not cancerous. The effect is that she had a shunt installed to drain the fluid from her brain to her stomach. This is a permanent thing, but they do not understand why she still get headaches and dizzy spells. Sometimes she walks like she has been drinking. At least it does not appear to be life threatening. She always tells me "They are people that are worse off"

Enough of my rambling on, I just wanted to update you, and other members as to why my files have been "quiet" these last few weeks.

Again, thanks for the very kind words and recognition. They do mean a lot.


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PerrDom and Plornch

congratulations to you both. Having worked with Dom on a couple of files I can attest to his award being well deserved.

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Plornch and Perrdom,

Thanks for all your hard work!

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Thank you for your contributions and efforts. Keep up the good work!

Contributors of the Week 2009-07-06

Thanks for the good work.

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Congrats and thanks for the job that you both do.

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Congratulations on being a C.O.W.

Plornch and Perrdom,

Congratulations to you both on becoming C.O.W.s. You have joined a very elite group of individuals. Your hard work and contributions to this site are evident and help make it one of the friendliest and most informative forums on the entire Internet. Thanks also to Ms. POI and Jon for all you do and for recognizing these folks each week that make this forum possible.

Thanks to both of you!

Thanks to both of you!

Thank you!

Thank you for this honor and for the kind words, and congratulations to Perrdom!

I've learned a lot here and look forward to more in the future!


Will be keeping you in my prayers. Thanks for the work and the great files.


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You're Mooving Up

Kudos to the newest COWS. Best of luck on all the "side issues" that distract you daily.

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thanks to both Plornch and Perrdom,keep up the great work.

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recognizing Plornch and Perrdom.

Congratulations, Plornch and Perrdom your work is greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your help Keep it up. grin grin
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Garmin nuvi,750

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You you two give us a big Mooooo, thanks for yur support!

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