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I am learning a lot. When I found a POI on this site that I wanted and went to its page I saw two buttons one that says Garmin CSU and the other TomTom OU2. I have searched the site to see what CSU means and will this POI file work with my 255W, however, I get no search results for CSU.

Can someone enlighten me about CSU and can the file be used on my 255w?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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It's CSV, not CSU

Comma Separated Values....

The POI Loader program translates that into what the GPS will be able to see as your Custom POIs.

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Comma Separated Value

There are others that can explain it better, but the 'CSU' that you refer to is 'CSV' which stands for "Comma Separated Value". The 'comma' is used to separate the various fields in the file which can be looked at with a text editor such as Notepad. It can be pulled into MS excel and the commas will be used to separate the data into columns in Excel. It should work on your GPS.


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