nüMaps Lifetime North America and Europe recommendations on NUVI 760


I am looking for some information about how is the best way to load both the North America and Europe Lifetime Maps. When you connect and load it, is there an option to put the European Maps on an SD card or does it all get loaded into the 760? I am going to Switzerland and Italy and it appears that the lifetime maps for North America and Europe is cheaper than any other options I might choose. I would appreciate any input or advice about quality and loading/installing the maps on the 760. Thank you


Which maps came preloaded on your 760?

You can purchase the Lifetime Map updates for the maps which came preloaded on the unit.

You can also purchase the Lifetime Map update for maps for which you have purchased separately the FULL DVD VERSION of the maps.

If the North America maps came preloaded on the unit, when you purchase the Lifetime Map updates, it will overwrite the preloaded maps.

If you have subsequently purchased the FULL DVD VERSION of the Europe maps and have unlocked it to the unit, then you can also purchase the Lifetime Maps for those maps and you can load them to the SD card or to the unit if you have space.