Moab Utah - Dome Plateau Trail

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Last updated 09/06/2015

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Few OHV experiences can rival the fun of riding an ATV in Utah’s Moab backcountry. An endless variety of undulating and challenging terrain combined with spectacular scenery provide an unforgettable experience.

It’s easy to find your way around the small town of Moab. Main St (Hwy 191) runs north and south all the way through town. Center St and Main St, where Moab Information Center is located, marks the center of town. If you need lodging or camping, it is a good idea to call well in advance.

There are several places in Moab to rent ATV’s. Check for latest information or just drive down Main St. You should check Utah’s OHV Laws ( or call 800-648-7433.

Using your GPS for each trail
I have included Way Points for the trail. Also, in the description below, I have included complete instructions on the trail. I would print or copy the instructions off if you plan on using these Way Points.

Dome Plateau Trail

Highlights: Great riding area with many legal side roads to explore. Very scenic with terrific arches and one outstanding overlook of Colorado River. Explore giant wind caves at Caves Spring (on foot) and an old mining cmap with towo well-preserved cabins. Rocks and steep in places. Novice riders may find some steep ledges challenging. Much of the route is easy. Parts of main route can be impassable when wet. Some very difficult side roads.

Getting There: From north side of Moab, take Hwy 128 northeast along Colorado River about 30 miles to the Dewey Bridge. Jeep entrance to Dome Plateau is on left after bridge. No parking here. ATV's cannot cross Dewey Bridge. Continue another 4.5 miles on Highway 128 to Department of Transportation gravel lot on left. Follow sign for Kokopelli Bike Trail uphill another half mile.

  1. Staging (mile 0) – Stay left on lesser road.
  2. (miles 1.9) – Drop downhill through fence, then bvear left on Kokopelli Bike Trail. After that, trail becomes rocky.
  3. (miles 2.9) – Right at "T." Left goes back to Highway 128.
  4. (miles 3.7/0.0) – Bear right. Left goes to overlook.
  5. (miles 0.1) – Turn left downhill over rocky ledges (easy to miss).
  6. (miles 0.3) – Follow faint tracks across open area of slickrock.
  7. (miles 0.6) – Turn hard left at 4-way intersection.
  8. (miles 0.8) – Bear left at fork and descend through sandy area.
  9. WP1 (miles 1.4/0.0) – Turn right. Left is Jeep entrance from Highway 128 with two great arches.
  10. (miles 0.2) – Stay right down steep ledges and cross canyon.
  11. (miles 1.7) – Continue straight. Left goes to difficult area.
  12. WP2 (miles 1.8) – Continue straight at 4-way intersection. Right is shortcut to Caves Spring.
  13. (miles 2.7) – Turn left uphill from ravine.
  14. WP3 (miles 4.5) – Bear left. You come back here later and go other way to Caves Spring.
  15. (miles 4.6) – Bear right.
  16. (miles 5.0) – Turn right to arch.
  17. WP4 (miles 5.1) – Turn around at La Boca Arch. Go back to last fork and continue right.
  18. (miles 5.4) – Continue straight on better road that is gated to right.
  19. (miles 7.3) – Bear right. Left goes to difficult area.
  20. (miles 9.4) – Turn left downhill on lesser road before fense.
  21. (miles 10.5) – Continue straight down rocky ledges.
  22. WP5 (miles 9.9) – Park and hike short distance downhill to overlook. Turn around and go back to WP3.
  23. WP3 (miles 15.3/0.0) – Turn left at WP3.
  24. (miles 0.1) – Continue straight. Left dead ends.
  25. WP6 (miles 2.5) – Stop and explore Caves Spring, then continue northeast through rocky valley.
  26. WP7 (miles 4.8) – Turn right at top of hill after rocky climb.
  27. (miles 6.3) – Bear left. Right dead ends at overlook.
  28. WP8 (miles 7.0) – Old mining cabins on left.
  29. Staging (mile 12.2) – Continue north on good road back to start.