TomTom Bluetooth feature


I discovered this feature on my new ONE XL, but, can not make it work. I got the cell phone and the TomTom to recognize each other, but, when I used another phone to call my cell, thinking I would get a connection with my TomTom, I did not. Cell just went to voice mail.

Did I do something wrong? Checked TomTom site and the Quick Start Guide and could find no material on this feature.

Re: TomTom Bluetooth feature

What is the make/model/carrier of your phone? It may have limited Bluetooth support. Verizon is notorious for this.

Best case scenario, it may be just changing settings. The info would help us help you out.


Verizon does cripple the

Verizon does cripple the phones, but usually away around it. My Verizon phone with some slight modification works with everything but transfer the phonebook, and i can do that with my computer and bitpim.

for more info

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Sprint works OK

My HTC 6700 works fine with my TT 510. Make sure that your BT is on on the phone and it is set to be visible. It may take several tries.

BT on TT Go 630

I got a Go 630 a couple of weeks back. I use a Verizon LG Chocolate (Bla! Can't wait to change phones!).

But the BT connection works like a champ. My TT says "connected to Gary's Cell" when I turn it on. I would look in the Manage Bluetooth on you TT and see what you find.

Good Luck!