here we go again


hi all i have a nuvi 5000 and have msn direct GDM 50 ADD ON MY GDB 50 went out so so garmin sent me a new GDB 50 But that did not fix it so they send me a new dock for my nuvi 5000 and it did not work still they sent me a new nuvi 5000 and i got the Msn butterfly back now 6 months have go by and now it stated again my GDB 50 stop working it powers my unit but have no msn butterfly so i call garmin they sent me a nother GDB 50 and still no MSN butterfly has any one eles had a problem with losing the MSN butterfly on units please email of leave me a note for help and yes have reinstal the 4.10 software for the garmin and hit the reset button on the GDB 50 THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP