Poi Loader Beta


I've been using the final version of poi loader and haven't tried installing the new Beta version yet.
I've very picky about my PC and would like to ask a quick question.

Do you have to uninstall the old version 1st before you load the Beta version or can you load right ontop of it. Some programs let you install over the top of them and I'm not sure it poi loader is like this.



Over The Top

I installed the beta right on top of the older version and have had no problems...and I'm running it on Windows Vista too.

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Win XP

The latest beta software(2401) made me remove the older version before it would install.

660, v3.80

Yes, I had to uninstall the

Yes, I had to uninstall the previous version.

This was not the case the last time I updated it.

Thanks guys......

Thanks guys......

I'm Running XP Pro with service pack 2.
Hummm, I may have to uninstall the old version.

Very nice you have Vista running.
Not sure If I'm ready for that yet.
I may let all you Beta testers find all
the bugs for me first smile

Although I have to say Ubuntu and PClinuxOS
are looking pretty good these days.


poi loader beta

I have downloaded the beta ver and like it alot better than the released ver. Have not used it alot yet but what I have seen so far, its pritty cool!

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