Using City Navigator Europe SD in USA?


I just received my City Navigator Europe SD card today! YEAH!

But... how the heck do I use it HERE (in USA)?

I have a nuvi 350.

I went into the settings > map info and disabled the North America maps. I tried setting my "home" to Munich, Germany. But, the device still shows my current location here in the USA.

Is there a way to make or fool a nuvi 350 to have it's home or current location be in europe, even though I'm sitting in the USA?

Thank you for any wisdoms you can provide,


Are you saving that when you

Are you saving that when you hit "Where to?" "Home" it doesn't show Munich after you changed it? Or are you saying the the GPS fix shows you in the USA?

Does your Nuvi have the option to turn the GPS off? If you can do this, you should be able to move around the map.

Close the antenna

Hit the 'Where to' - and then hit the 'near' button, then select 'a different city', hit ok, enter the city, hit OK, select the city from the list, and that becomes the 'home' from where all the searches are based if you select 'food', lodging, etc. Then you can show the map for the place you select.

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does the 350 have "set loc?"

Does the 350 not have the "set Location" feature?

Search for the Munich or even browse map to Germany then set location.

That's how I'd do it on the 550

Turn GPS off mode

Actually, it's "where to" "cities" "spell" (then select the city of choice) "show map" "set loc"

(Check page 9 of the 350 manual)

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I closed the antnna/ shut

I closed the antnna/ shut off GPS. I went into 'where to' > 'my locations' > 'set home'.

"a home location already exists... want to change" > 'yes, enter my address'

I entered in our hotel in Munich, Germany. nuvi found the addy. I clicked 'save'. I power cycled the unit. I clicked on 'view map'... it shows right where I am sitting now, in N.C.

Ok, as long at the GPS is

As long at the GPS is receiving, it's going to show you where you are at that moment. Think about it for a second and you will realize that that's what you want it to do.

However, you should be able to browse the map to look at other locations.

I don't think I would cycle the power off in between.
The map will typically return to the last location it was it had a GPS fix. And probably the default (it is on mine) would be that the GPS fix will be turned back on when you turn the unit back on.

I closed the antenna. I

I closed the antenna. I select 'Where to' > 'near' > 'a different city'> 'ok'. Entered Munich - it found it.

Now I'm back at the address, food, lodging, my locations, etc page. I select 'food' > 'asian'. It found 'Benjarong .02 mi NE'. I select it and the address and 'GO' appear. I select 'GO' and and it goes t the maps screen, shows 'GPS is off' then 'calculating'.

It gets to about 15% and gives me a 'not enough memory' error.

So does this means that the nuvi is trying to navigate from USA to Munich? Can I not fake out the nuvi to think it's in Germany?

lsmonop gets the Golden

lsmonop gets the Golden Ticket:

"Check page 9 of the 350 manual".

(don't cha hate those 'duh' moments?) I had thumbed through the manual looking for "SD card" info. But, on pg 9 of the 350 manual it says to:

  1. browse the map
  2. select a point on the map
  3. click "Set Loc."
  4. now the current position is THAT location!


Faking It Out

delikid wrote:

So does this means that the nuvi is trying to navigate from USA to Munich? Can I not fake out the nuvi to think it's in Germany?

It will think it is where it was the last time it had a GPS fix when you turned it off - so the memory thing was probably the unit trying to find a way to cross the ocean and it freaked... smile

And when all else fails, sometimes the manual can answer the question, as you've discovered smile

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gps to off mode

You'll have to turn gps mode to off.

set the location to Munich or browse map around Germany. You can set the home location to Munich or North Pole. However, if you are in NC and turn the gps mode to normal (on) your gps receiver will tell you that you are in NC. If you pwr off then on I'm pretty sure the 350 will power up with gps in normal mode. Which will locate your "real" present location.
As M Mama stated "think about it" if you have your real home set and go to the mall, when you turn on the gps when you are done shopping, it's going to show your location at the mall not your home.

As far as the not enough memory thing...not sure, maybe try clearing your long list of recently found

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...LOL... this whole GPS/

...LOL... this whole GPS/ nav thing is new to me. I've spent all these years with paper maps and now googlemaps... now I'm using the nuvi!

... NOW all I have to do is get the nuvi to say "Strasse" correctly.... "stra-sa", not "stras"... might just have to suck it up and live with it...

Change the Language & Voice

Just change the language & voice to German, and you'll be fine...That is as long as you know enough German to understand the driving instructions... smile

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I suppose if you learned German you could change the voice to Hans or Fraulein Ingrid or something. LoL.

Sounds like you have it all figured out now.
Have fun and make some paper airplanes with the paper maps..Just keep one for reference!

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Delikid... contact me

I just bought a nuvi 670 and it comes with Europe maps preinstalled. I'm heading across for 2 weeks beginning in mid-April. Have you made your trip yet? I'd like to compare notes with you about using your nuvi. You can contact me via email at or on SKYPE at abrowne1950.