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Recently loaded a few points of interest just to see how and if it worked. I have a Garmin Streetpilot 550 so as you pass or go to one of these points of interest ie, superwal-mart, publix etc what is suppose to happen on your screen?

Nothing will happen unless

Nothing will happen unless you set alerts. Otherwise they will just be in your POI list that you can search.

The POI will (should) show up graphically on your map screen.

Select as destination

You can find the location (where to>extras>custom pois), and select it as a go to destination.

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

On screen...

swampfox1949 wrote:

I have a Garmin Streetpilot 550 so as you pass .. one of these points of interest what is supposed to happen on your screen?

There are a few variables that might affect the outcome. Assuming you have a custom bitmap to go with the set of POI's, there's a chance that you'll see it as an icon on the map as you approach the POI. The version of the firmware you are running will influence this as well. Additionally, the behaviour can differ depending on whether you are in 'routing' mode, or just using it as a moving map.

In general, the zoom level has to be set quite high (if you zoom all the way in, and then back off 3 clicks of the [-] button, you should still be able to see them. Any further and probably not. (Of course, the level of 'Map detail' set will also affect this!)

Firmware V5.2.0 tended to display the custom bitmaps as grey 'blobs', or occasionally, it would mix them all up and display the wrong one!. V5.20 and beyond also have this 'auto-zooming', when approaching a turn - so there's always a chance you'll be zoomed in too close to see the ones you expect!

[And V4.1.0 firmware would occasionally crash the unit when approaching a POI that used a 24bit .BMP file!]

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