Problem with my Nuvi 680?


I have a Nuvi 680 and when I go to the "average" screen (the one you get when you hit the speed button in the lower left hand corner). It currently shows overall avg., moving avg., Max avg., Stopped, but the total time and the moving time are blank.

My fiance' 650 shows has all fields showing data, even when stopped or in active use mode.

Why is this?


680 issues

You must have a software problem-- my 680 shows all the averages-- including total time and moving time. I suggest you contact Garmin and they may be able to give you access to a download site to correct the issue.

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Don't know how you get it to do that!

Don't know how you get it to do that!

I'd try reset trip and reset max on that screen, and if that doesn't clear it up, a full device reset.

cheers -- let us know what you find!

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