Free WiFi - San Diego Area

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Last updated 11/28/2012

Raw file: Free WiFi - San Diego Area.csv (113.11 KB)

Includes 1265 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: CA
  • some may be in: MEX (near a border)

This CSV file contains locations for all currently known FREE WiFi hotspots within a 80 mile radius of downtown San Diego. It features “|” (pipe) line breaks for a great looking display and quick and easy editing if desired. To quickly convert to other line breaks using Excel, find “|” and replace all with the line break character(s) of your choice such as "<br>", (4 chars).

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Change History

  • whoaboy - Nov 28, 2012
    Added many more locations.

  • whoaboy - Dec 28, 2011
    Added 7 more verified locations.

  • whoaboy - Mar 27, 2010
    Added 1 more verified location. Thanks, geneaum!