Nuvi 310 phone book


I have recently transfered my phone book to my nuvi 310 from my Sharp GX17 phone, I sent one entry at a time via blue tooth but I find that some of the entry's have not come out as I expected. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to edit the phone book or delete entry's on the nuvi?

thank you for any help

Anyone knows?

Anyone knows?

Phone Book

680, Razor, Verizon Wireless:

I know what has ticked me off is that you cannot tell if the number is the Home, Cell, Work a listing for say Mom has 4 numbers associated with it and you cannot figure out which is which unless you recognize the number as such?

Its almost like you have to go back to your phone book in the phone and edit it to contain the words cell, home, work etc??

Anyone have any other work arounds?

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