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I never noticed this before, as I always just used the Jack TTS (English) voice, but I see a lot of activity talking about Jill TTS voice.

I have a 255W and have always updated firmware as it became available (I am now on the current 4.0). When I use Webupdater and look at voices, I do not see Jill TTS (English) listed and that voice is not on my Garmin either. Is Jill TTS (English) not available for the 255W?

No Jill for 2x5 series...

The 2x5 series use a different TTS voice engine than the higher-end nuvis (like the 7xx series) do. The 2x5 voice files are approx 1.5MB in size compared to the ~14MB voice file size in the 7xx series. The file size difference reflects the TTS voice quality so the larger files of the 7xx series are indeed better sounding with less compression. The voice files are not interchangeable with each other (you can't use the 7xx voices on the 2x5 and vice-versa) and some of the voices are indeed different and named differently as you've seen.

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I have a 255w

and I have the jill TTS, which is what I use all the time. When I did an update the other day, I got and update for the jill TTS. I have been playing with it using TTSvoiceeditor I got from a user that created it on this site.

You can call the Garmin helpdesk and see if someone can help you resolve the problem.

Not really a problem

Not really a problem, just curious, as I never paid much attention before. I am not really picky about the voices and Samantha does a decent job as well.

Thanks for the answers.

You should be able to find it

You should be able to find it somewhere. I have a lot of voices for my older style 260, most of which I leave on my PC and only put them in the GPS when I want a change. I don't need to use the updater to install the voices, just copy them to the folder in the receiver.

I've been using the Brit Daniel lately.

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