USB Cables


This is for everyone that has either a nuvi 760 or nuvi 765. I was trying to download the 3.4 Garmin update to my 765 and was having an absolutely awful time with it. confused

The update would appear to complete but when I disconnected my 765 from my PC and powered it back on it would keep telling me that the software update failed. After about an hour or so of utter frustration I looked at the USB cable that was connecting the 765 to my PC. It had a Garmin paper tag on it which told me it was the cable that came with my 760. On a crazy whim I switched USB cables and the 3.4 Garmin update went to my 765 and updated it successfully! grin

That leads me to believe that there is a difference in the USB cables between the 760 and the 765 which I would haven't even thought about until I ran into this. confused confused confused

Hope this saves someone the same frustration I had this evening.

Should be no difference

USB cables are a set standard. I highly doubt that there is a difference in the Garmin supplied cable. What you most likely have is a defective cable.

USB Cables

Johnc is correct. If there was a difference, there would be a proprietary connector to the device.

I update my 255w with a usb cable from my Nikon D50 Digital SLR camera.

Mark that cable!

Do yourself and everyone else in your household a favor by clearly marking that defective cable -- tie it in a knot, chop off one or both ends, but do something to let anyone else know it's defective!

In the electronics/semiconductor business, one of the greats, Bob Widlar, had a simple approach for dealing with troublesome cables, scope probes, components, and the like: he would take them to the anvil portion of a bench vise, and pound the **** out of them, not only so that they wouldn't fool him again, but to teach the rest of the gear in his lab what happened to something that misbehaved...

The process is usually referred to as "Widlarizing."

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