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Meet Your Friends Halfway; A Place Between Us


It seems like every so often family or friends want to "meet halfway" for something. I ran across these sites:
which find POIs in between given locations. Now I am wondering if this is a feature on an existing GPSs right now? I don't recall having every seen it or even read about it, but I would be interested in what people here think about these sites and whether having it as a feature on stand alone GPS units is even something you would use? I have only played around with each for a couple of minutes, but so far it seems as if A Place Between Us literally finds places close to a halfway point without regard to the route driven. For example, we live in suburban Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan area and have family west of Milwaukee. A Place Between US finds some places well off I-94 even though I-94 would typically be the route of choice. Maybe I can do this in Mapsource, too, but I am not sure how to do the request.


for the sites. Nice find.


Interesting site, it could find a halfway country between two countries. The midway mark can also be in the middle of ocean water.

Kinda, Sorta....

Jim1348 wrote:

It seems like every so often family or friends want to "meet halfway" for something. .... Now I am wondering if this is a feature on an existing GPSs right now?

The closest you will be able to do this with your GPS is to look at a map and pick a city that is half way between your two points. Then do a POI search using the "Near" function of the GPS and specify the city that is half way. It will display your POIs in an increasing radius aroung your target city. So no, you will have to pick the half way point yourself. But once you do, your GPS will recommend POIs around that location.

Meet Your Friends Halfway; A Place Between Us

I had another opportunity this week during work where I wished my GPS had a feature like this. I suppose it isn't that often that most people would need this, but there are times that it sure would be handy.

cool idea

That would be a nice feature for a GPSr. Where a Garmin already has the ability to set avoidances, find the fastest or shortest route, etc., it could overcome the shortcomings of the existing website system.

Meet Your Friends Halfway; A Place Between Us

My wife just had another instance of this come up tonight. I wonder if there is an Android app for this yet?

Great Site

Thanks for posting this site. It is very interesting and will make a great site for planning meetings.

Thanks for the sites

My wife used one site tonight to meet our friends........

Interesting find.



But needs some more work. I just tried it with relatives that are 200 miles from where I live. It suggested a place 140 miles from me, and 60 miles from the other.

hmmm... how about this

I think this might work:

1. In your GPS, start a route to your friend's location, and note the distance of the route.

2. Search for some type of POI near the current route, and scroll through the options to find locations at a distance that is approx half as far as the total distance of the route.

That way your suggestions will be along the route (as created by your prefered method), rather than just halfway between as the crow flies. And you could easily customize your search to have it centered around a custom POI file that you have loaded on your GPS. So if you want to meet a friend at a Golf Course, BBQ Restaurant, Mall, or whatever, you just search for that category in step 2 above.

That should work, right?

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