Okaloosa County Fishing - Florida


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Last updated 03/23/2009

Raw file: Florida_Fishing_SR_Ok_Wal.csv (2.6 KB)

Includes 38 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: AL, FL

A listing of some of the accessible freshwater fishing spots in and around Okaloosa County. As I find more I will try to update this file.

WARNING: Some of these locations are on Eglin Reservation land and you need to either be military or get an Eglin Permit (Fishing, camping, outdoor permits). These can be purchased (2009 price is $17.50 per year) at Jackson Guard on Highway 85 North in Niceville, FL.

UPDATE: The listing has been updated. I have included 31 custom POIs (including the original group) and fixed some spelling and name oddities (as I used them in my Garmin c330). This has points mostly in Okaloosa county but also has several in Walton and Santa Rosa counties. Please contact me if you have any additional "great" fishing spots elsewhere in the FL panhandle.

Some places included:
Multiple spots on Yellow River, both Crestview (more crowded) and Eglin (less crowded) sides
A few spots on Shoal River
A few spots on Blackwater
Quite a few areas on the Eglin Reservation (lakes, ponds and rivers)
Bear and Krul Lakes in Santa Rosa county
Juniper Lake in Walton County
Lake Jackson on the FL/AL state line (Florala).

CAUTION: Some POI listings are needed for the proper turns as most GPS units may have some Eglin Reservation areas showing a road on the unit but not in real life, for these I added "ABC Lake turn 1" and "ABC Lake turn 2". This is rare but necessary.