Speed Cameras in MO


I have verified that you cannot get a speeding ticket in the state of Missouri via a speed camera (red light cameras are different). I know that there are speed cameras in MO in the POI files, and I know that this should not be the case.
I know we have 'cameras' all over the place, along with speed detectors (radar) mounted on poles along major routes. The reason these exist are to get a general flow of traffic, and pictures of traffic.
Please see www.gatewayguide.com and you will see what I mean. The cameras are used for information purposes, not for ticket purposes.

Where I am sure that someones radar detector went off when passing one of these radar/camera stations, I can assure you that you cannot get a ticket from the camera alone. For this reason I ask if they should be included in POI file for ticket cameras.

Thanks for you attention in this matter.

Tim (Y_I_Work)

Locations removed

I have removed those locations from the speed camera file. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Miss POI


I know it takes a person with your kind of dedication to keep this thing up and running. But 2 hour response, in the middle of the day!!! Outstanding!

Thanks for all that you do. When I get better accustomed to 'features', etc., I may actually contribute something useful. But until then, I'd just like to thank you and the whole crew for getting me through this learning curve.


The updated file will go

The updated file will go live next Wednesday;)

Miss POI