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Hi guys,
I just picked up a Garmin Nuvi 760 today and I am having fun learning how to use it. What is the coolest feature you find with your GPS?


It takes me where I need to go. laugh out loud
Welcome to the community.

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I find the coolest feature on my GPS is the ability to go to a new locale and get there without making u-turns, appearing lost or having to ask for directions!

Have fun with your new 760.

Welcome To The Site

As said before the best feature of a GPS is to get you where you want to go without major hassles.
What I also like is the ability to explore a new area without ever worrying about getting lost.


Experimenting with new features

Welcome to the site.

It is a great device to get me where I am going.
I would not travel with out one.

I enjoy experimenting with Custom POIs and discovering new things that aid me on the road.

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Welcome and enjoy the site.Lots of great information on this site that will keep you coming back for more and more information. Also great people here with tons of knowledge and always willing to help ...
What is the coolest feature- all the above.
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Garmin nuvi,750

Welcome to the Machine

Looking up and downloading POI's, Red-Speed cameras.
Learning from the site, lots of help full people here.
Welcome to the site - Happy downloading and meeting new people here.

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Welcome to the group, it is

Welcome to the group, it is nice to have you with us.

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the most important thing to

the most important thing to remember is the have fun with the unit and the people on this site lol


Welcome to the site. Your GPS will become a great tool for navigation. You will find invaluable information on this site to enhance your GPS experience.


Welcome to the site. The greatest thing about your GPS is that it's personal - you can modify it to suit your needs.

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favorite feature

I really like being able to find different things along the way. Although knowing the Arrival time is cool too!

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arrival time

I will also go with the arrival time...I find that is more and more useful, and didn't expect that. laugh out loud

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Multiple waypoints and text-to-speech


We upgraded from a nuvi 250 for these reasons, and I'm very pleased with the 760.

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Welcome, the_sim.

I'm sure you'll find a lot of great files and people on this site to help.

If you haven't checked it out already Gary Hayman's site has a lot of great information. (He is a member of this site)

coolest gps feature

The best feature for me is that I can travel anywhere without worrying about getting lost!! Love it..


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gusb wrote:

The best feature for me is that I can travel anywhere without worrying about getting lost!! Love it..


Yeah, not getting lost ranks up there pretty high!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!

Glad to have you aboard.

I find the coolest thing about my GPS is the ability to find places to eat when you are somewhere you have never been, or one you have been in, but didn't know that particular eating place was there.

Have fun with your "New Toy".

time or arrival

My favorite feature is knowing time of arrival.